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23 Jun 2022
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Why Buy Local?

What's in it For the Environment?

  • Protect sustainable, diverse farmland from mono-cropping and development
  • Reduces the distance food travels, cutting down on fossil fuels, air pollution and green house gas emissions
  • Preserves crop and livestock genetic diversity and disease resistance
  • Decrease landfill material with less food packaging and waste
  • Maintain soil integrity

What's in it For the Community

  • Locally owned companies return more than 3 times as much as revenue back into our local economy
  • Farmers selling locally create 4 times as many full-time jobs, compared to those selling to nationally
  • Local farms preserve America's rural livelihood and identity
  • Shopping local is an investment in the future of our community's health
  • Farmer's Market build spaces for community to gather, learn and grow

What's in it For the Vendors

  • Farmers and food makers selling directly to consumers keep a greater portion of their revenue
  • Farmers makets provide one of the only low-barrier entry points for new farmers and small businesses, allowing them to learn and test the market efficiently
  • Small businesses educate the public about their "specialty" and offer a variety of unique and multi-cultural products

What's in it For You

  • Learn more about your food, including how and where it was grown
  • Build relationship with growers and makers to stay closer to the seasons, the land and your food
  • Find healthier, safer options for you and your family
  • Enjoy seasonal and unique food that is fresher, more flavorful and more nutrients