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VR365 is the manager of my home in the Suncadia neighborhood. We were incredibly selective of a management company because they can make or break your rental regarding revenue, cleanliness and keeping it in good shape for the owner themselves to use.

Derek impressed us from the start with his knowledge and meticulous attention to details. I also looked at his portfolio of homes to make sure that he was only selecting homes that were of like quality and that was how he was running his outfit.

It's been two years now since we starting working together and we are thoroughly happy with the service they provide. They help take care of things when you're 60 miles away and cant do it yourself; they let you know if anything is damaged (rare) even small items so you aren't surprised later. They'll even handle service calls like furnace, landscape, etc so you don't have to hassle with it.

They have the best house cleaners around and they treat the houses like their own. Everything is put back in the exact spot the owners had it setup originally; they keep everything spotless.

Overall, highly recommend. These guys are the real deal.

Brandon Akers - Woodland View Owner

"I met Derek, owner of VR365 about 3 years ago. He managed a vacation rental property that my clients were buying. I was impressed with his level of service and professionalism. When it came time for us to purchase our own vacation rental - I knew exactly who to call. Derek always took the time to answer my calls and even tour prospective properties with us to determine the suitability and income potential for each one.

We settled on a cabin he was already managing. He walked us through the process in great detail. VR 365 keep meticulous records. This was incredibly helpful in determining what our potential cash flow would be. He explained to me all the options available to us to keep the cabin operating smoothly and worry free.

Choosing VR365 to manage our cabin was an excellent decision. They handle every aspect with a thoroughness and attention to detail rarely seen today. They know how to properly market the home so that it gets in front of all prospective renters and stands out from the crowd. They know how to increase bookings and your revenue. They handle every aspect of maintenance. From cleaning and hot tub and BBQ maintenance to plowing the driveway in winter. Literally everything is done so that when my family wants to enjoy the cabin., all we have to do is relax end enjoy! I highly recommend VR365 to anyone considering hiring a vacation rental management company."

Beth Traverso - The Cabin Owner

"VR365 has been managing my rental property in Roslyn Ridge since May 2015. Derek and his team have done a great job keeping a high level of occupancy and ensuring 5-star satisfaction from our guests. VR365 has extensive experience in vacation rental property management and well established processes and tools for marketing and operations. I am very satisfied with VR365. Thank you!"

Javier Arrupea - Roslyn Hidaway - Owner