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27 Dec 2021
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We have been managing vacation homes for a while now, so we have heard some common questions. For your convenience, here are all of the most common questions about Cle Elum, Suncadia Resort, and staying with Vacation Rental 365. Enjoy!

1) What’s the Best Time to Visit Cle Elum?

In our opinion, Cle Elum is always a great place to visit because of the wide array of outdoor activities and year-round events that our beautiful area has to offer. However, the best time of the year is really defined by how you define ‘The Best’. Is it, the most affordable vacation home? Is it for a hot Summer vacation? Or do you prefer buckets of snow to play in? For the best vacation homes at the price, you should consider visiting between March-May or October-November when Vacation Rental 365 has a 3rd night FREE on ALL homes! If you’re looking to go boating, jet skiing, kayaking, etc, you’re going to want to visit between May – September when the area is hottest! If you’re looking for a lot of snow, you won’t go wrong in staying with us between December and March. Like we said, any time of the year is a great time to visit Cle Elum, it just depends on what you are looking for!

2) What is there to do in Cle Elum?

Cle Elum and Suncadia Resort are a destination hub for outdoor exploration and activities. The surrounding mountains give plenty of hiking and walking trails, along with skiing and sledding in the winter. It’s a great place for people to visit that are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or for someone that is looking to have an outdoor adventure. Suncadia Resort can offer guests a romantic and relaxing weekend with their Glad Spring Spa and award-winning cuisine. There is a complete list of Summer and Winter activities on Vacation Rental 365’s website.

3) What is the weather during Winter months?

Cle Elum’s weather is predictable year over year. We have a hot summer, snowy winter, and a spring and fall in between. For more specific weather predictions please check the Cle Elum weather forecast about a week before your trip.

4) Can I enjoy Suncadia events and activities, even if I’m not staying in Suncadia Resort?

You are welcome to enjoy 99% of Suncadia Resort! Anyone can enjoy Suncadia Resorts walking trails, parks, spa, restaurants, activities, events, and rentals! What makes Suncadia wonderful is how much of their lure is free to the public! However, this begs the question, what’s the other 1% that we can’t enjoy? Unfortunately, Suncadia restricts access to the Suncadia Pool and Fitness Center to guests that book directly through Suncadia. However, many of our homes get access to the Roslyn Ridge Pool and Activity Center, which is more exclusive and therefore, less crowded! For a complete list of homes that have access to the Community Pools click Here. 

5) Why was I charged a service fee?

Oh no! You must have booked through VRBO and Airbnb. This sneaky fee is charged directly to VRBO or Airbnb and helps to offset the cost of managing a wonderful database of vacation homes. However, if you book you’re your next stay in Cle Elum directly through our website, at Vacation Rental, you will get our best price and NO SERVICE FEE! You can learn more about the VRBO and Airbnb service fee here.

6) Do I have access to the Suncadia Pool and Fitness Center?

Unfortunately, only guests that book directly through Suncadia Resort are allowed access to the Suncadia Pool and Fitness Center. According to the Suncadia Resort website, “Access to the Suncadia Club Swim and Fitness Center is available to club members, and resort guests staying with Suncadia”. This can get a little confusing, especially if you are staying in a home within Suncadia Resort, but are denied access to the Swim and Fitness Center. Independent property managers, like Vacation Rental 365 or All Seasons Vacation Rentals, can rent out homes within Suncadia Resort, but their guests are not permitted to use the Pool. However, many of our homes get access to the Roslyn Ridge Pool and Activity Center, which is more exclusive and therefore, less crowded! For a complete list of homes that have access to the Roslyn Ridge Pool and Activity Center, see our Summer Pool Access Rentals.

7) What does my vacation home provide?

At Vacation Rental 365, all of our homes are equipped so that all you have to worry about is food and fun! No need to bring sheets, toilet paper, or even detergent! We have even created an in-depth list of what each of our homes provides during your stay with us. View the list here.

8) Can I have other people visit us during our stay, even if they are not staying overnight with us?

We do ask all of our guests to stay within the maximum occupancy of the home. This includes temporary guests. The number of guests stated on your rental agreement is what is allowed at the home at all times. Please contact us at to ask if we can make special arrangements for an additional fee.

9) Where do I need to go to check-in?

We do not require you to check-in to our office on the day of your arrival. All of our homes are keyless. The week of your arrival you will get a series of email from us with important information for your trip. 3 Days before your check-in date, you will get your check-in instructions. It is very important that you do NOT unsubscribe from our emails so that you can get all the information you need for your stay. On the date of your arrival, you will be sent your door access code to your phone and email 30 minutes prior to your scheduled check-in time. You can always find the property address and recommended activities on our website. See more FAQ’s here.