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24 Apr 2022
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Speelyi Beach Park

A hidden gem with the views of Cascade Mountain ranges. It has an elevation of 686 metres and a reservoir with around 1 mile of stretch serves all the purpose of a sandy beach. The lower Cascade Mountain foothills provide a dramatic backdrop.

The beach charms with a delightful turquoise to a deep blue clear water, pebbled beach that is best for kayak and boats. It also provides access to several trails along the lake shore. We highly recommend to every one to find this magical spot that is perfect for a sunny day. Best for anyone looking for a fun get away from urban life. You may also bring along your furry loved ones. Run on the sand and swim on the lake. Catch sticks or even do bonfires.

The size of the beach varies depending on lake levels but there is typically a couple miles of beach to walk. There is a small parking lot at this location but the majority of people park on the beach.  A higher clearance vehicles capable of driving on firm but lose sand is ideal.

To get to Speelyi Beach, click this pin location